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Welcome to BRC Broadcast Online

For 50 years, we have published hundreds of printed catalogs, and special mailings.  We still do! 

For whatever reason, we decided 2022 was the right time to bring you a new website.

This website is the result of a lifetime of professional and personal experience in the broadcast industry and the old-time radio “hobby” both from a historical aspect as well as from a deep technical perspective. 


BRC Broadcast was started a very long time ago as a hobby business in a corner bedroom of a Detroit suburb.  The business developed out of a passion to know as much as a teenage kid could grasp about radio, the so-called “theater of the mind” as well as the nuts and bolts of what actually makes it work and how to make it work and sound better.  That teenage kid today is an experienced broadcast engineer.


Accumulating a collection of tens of thousands of recordings, and always in search of “a better copy” (meaning a recording that SOUNDS clear with the fewest flaws caused by the passage of time) has been a long process.  More recently, however, it has been tremendously enhanced and sped up using digital technology.  Today, our proprietary process makes any recording sound better regardless of the source all without “over-doing” it.   


In addition, over the years, we’ve weaved a fabric of professional and personal contacts and sources for the recordings, information, specialized equipment as well as inside knowledge.  This is however, only one of the reasons for our survival and success and why we’re a cut above the typical “mp3 peddlers” who are all over the internet.   The main reason is our professional background and attention to detail as far as product quality, combined with personalized and prompt customer service.  At the same time, YOU are also our reason for existence.    

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