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Bob's Message - Feb 2022

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Welcome again!

After a very slow January, the month of February started with a vengeance with the recent snowfall here in the midwest. We are also back with plenty of newly mastered radio shows, many of which we’ve never offered before!

In addition for those of you who are “connected,” our website has had some additional tweaks. You can now order on-line directly from this or any other mailer. Simply tell us who you are, how many, enter the stock numbers, click “Add to Cart” and then “Check Out.” Securely enter a credit or debit card to check out. That’s it. No writing checks, postage stamps or envelopes are needed and your order arrives in our office instantly.

If you missed a mailing, click on “Newsletter Archive.”

If you’d rather use the tried and true method of U.S. Mail, we’ll be more than happy to receive it that way, too!

Our “Mixed Bags” continue to be popular as well as Fibber McGee & Molly and Suspense. Of the McGee shows as you can see, we mix each CD with one or more mostly newly circulated variety or comedy shows. If you’d rather simply have ONLY the full run of Fibber McGee (or another series) as listed in either mp3 or FLAC format you can get it that way, too! Ask for pricing and information. All programming is generated from the same digital .wav format masters.

If none of this means anything to you, don’t worry! Our regular audio CDs will play on ANY device including automoble players.

If you listen on your iPod, iPhone or Android device, we can provide other options at even lower cost. Simply contact us directly at bob(at) for information.

Thanks for listening and supporting old-time radio!

-Bob Burnham


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