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Sooooo! Another year is on the way out. 2021 has been another filled with trials and tribulations a

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In terms of old-time radio, the work has been continuous here at the radio ranch. There really aren’t enough years in any one person’s life to unearth, process and make available the 10’s of thousands of shows that are available. We try to give you the best of the best as well as the curiosities and oddball material that has been made available. That tradition continues and will continue to do so.

Our 2022 catalog is basically ready! With some of your recent orders, we’ve included pre-press copies. The printed version will be bulk mailed in the next few weeks. If we’ve heard from you anytime this year, you’re on the list. If not, an order or even a simple catalog request (no purchase necessary) will insure your name is on the list.

Thanks for listening and best wishes for 2022.

– Bob Burnham


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