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Bob’s Message for Feb-Mar 2019

Welcome to our second mailing for 2019. Everything that had been stated and set in motion for last year is still cruising along.

We began building the digital library in the year 2000, and in more recent years, it has grown by leaps and bounds. What we offer is NOT the “free stuff” that is floating around in “the cloud,” in huge abundance. Our digital library is built in non-compressed linear .wav format. While we offer the mp3 format to those who prefer it, we do not archive in that format.

Each and every show you receive from BRC has gone through a rigorous evaluation process aided by spectrum analysis. The recording levels, balance and format have been made consistant. Our standard CD and FLAC format are the best reflection of that attention to detail. The passage of time and source of original masters prevent perfection across the board, but our goal has always been to make the stuff we offer equal to todays FM broadcast standards and that is often achieved!

Our cover of Santos Ortega was done by our old friend, the multi-talented Martin Butler. Mr. Butler was our Lead Producer back when we produced nationally syndicated radio talk shows, and he has also done stand-up comedy all over the state of Michigan. Santos Ortega was a regular on Suspense and played half a dozen leading roles in various detective shows.

Our most popular titles continue to be the mainstay of what we offer, but with this mailing, a cross section of odds & ends also continue to be offered.

If you misplace our paper mailing, drop us a note or go to your nearest computer and/or public library and send an e-mail to A duplicate will be sent to you often same day by either return e-mail or regular mail. Also remember, if a few months elapse and we don’t hear from you in some form, this will be your last mailing.

Thanks for your interest!

– Bob Burnham 01/13/2019

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